“All On 4″ or All on Four is a common term in implant dentistry. It describes a type of standardized procedure that is meant to replace an entire arch of teeth (upper or lower) with four dental implants and an acrylic denture. The primary benefit of All On 4 is that it provides patients with implants and a “stable” denture (requiring no adhesives) in the same day. In our Fort Worth office, we offer treatments that offer the affordability and convenience of the All On 4 while improving on the method by customizing your procedure to fit the specific needs of your bone quality and quantity.


  • A Denture (With A Metal Substructure): The new set of teeth is made out of acrylic and contains a metal substructure. The dentist uses this bar to screw the denture onto the dental implants (read this article by Nobel Biocare for more information).
  • Four Dental Implants (Standard-Sized): As its name suggests, All On Four almost always means that the denture is placed onto exactly four dental implants, which are usually placed in about the same spot in each patient’s mouth. The implants are usually “traditional” or “standard” posts with a diameter greater than 3.0 mm.
  • Immediate-Load (Same Day Placement): The most touted advantage of All On Fours is that the patient receives new teeth the same day as his or her implants are placed. You will receive this benefit in our Fort Worth office as well, but with improvements (see “What We Do In Our Office”, below).


  • Inferior Materials For A “Fixed” Solution: All On Fours are meant to be a “fixed” solution, meaning that the replacement teeth (the denture) are screwed into place on top of the implants so that they can’t be removed (except by the dentist). The problem with this is that acrylic, over time, often can get chipped or cracked. Repairing these kinds of dentures are much more complicated if they’re screwed onto the dental implants rather than snapped on onto them, which would make the dentures easier to remove and repair. An acrylic denture will also require regular cleaning (twice a day is recommended), as particles and food can gather underneath it. If the denture is screwed into place, only a dentist will be able to remove it for cleaning, which can jeopardize the long-term health of your gums.
  • Standardized Surgery: All On 4 often doesn’t take into account the patient’s specific bone structure and needs. No two mouths are the same, so no two surgeries should be the same either. The fact is that some patients need more (or fewer) implants than their neighbor. Trying to place the same number of dental implants in each patient’s mouth can lead to less-than-favorable results (sinus issues, loose posts, etc.). Moreover, some patients may not have the bone available for traditionally-sized implants, and may need some with a smaller diameter.
  • Four Implants Are Sometimes Not Enough: A house can often stand with four piers supporting its foundation, but depending on the terrain, it may need more. The same can be said for dentures; many patients need “extra” dental implants in order to get a firmly fitting denture on top.


  • Customized Treatment: In our Fort Worth office, Dr. Steve Brown will place as many implants as you need to secure your denture, and we will do so in a way that fits your specific, uniqueoral structure.
  • We Charge Per Procedure (Not Per Implant): “What if it turns out I need more than four dental implants to retain my dentures?” you may be asking. Not to worry; at The Dental Implant Place, the price for your implant supported dentures will not increase if you need an “extra”implant. Your price will be the same for these procedures whether we place four posts or eight! Furthermore, because Dr. Brown can place all sizes of implants, you will get the type of dental implant that’s right for your bone, whether that be traditional size, small diameter implants, or mini dental implants.
  • The Right Materials For The Right Function: A fixed bridge (or crown) in our office is made of zirconium, the hardest material available in dentistry for making realistic new teeth. We design these bridges digitally for optimum fit and then mill them in our in house dental lab. Using this method and material, we are able to drastically increase the quality of your dental implant bridge. We also offer removable, dental implant supported dentures for those patients who want a more affordable option than the fixed bridges but still want to enjoy the advantages of implant restoration. These implant supported (or retained) dentures are not screwed permanently onto the posts, but are instead snapped on so that the patient can clean their denture more efficiently and still get the firm fit offered by all on fours.
  • Immediate-Load: Yes, you will walk out of our Fort Worth office with teeth the same day you get your implant(s). We call these your interim or immediates. However, we place your final prosthesis at a later date, once your bone structure has readjusted to your implant(s). This allows you to “test drive” your temporary prosthesis and allows us to perfect your dentures to fit you better. This is the best way to give you a new set of teeth, since your mouth will slightly change its shape in the months following your extractions and implant surgery. The change is a very good thing (your bone is fusing to the dental implant, providing you the tooth root you need), but it also means that the teeth you receive in the same day as your surgery won’t fit you before long. After your healing period, however, your mouth will have made its final changes, and you will be ready to receive your final set of new teeth that will fit you thereafter.


Call our Fort Worth office today to reserve your appointment with Dr. Steve Brown. He can give you more information on implant dentistry, all on fours, and the unique advantages of our practice. As an experienced implant dentist who has placed thousands of implants and has trained hundreds of dentists nationwide in implant dentistry, Dr. Brown is well-equipped to assess your oral needs and give you the restorative care you deserve.

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