Since 2007, The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth has proudly focused completely on dental implants. We offer a variety of dental implant procedures, as well as all additional restorative dentistry services necessary to handle your entire dental implant procedure all in one place: from your free consultation to the delivery of your final prosthesis. Below are the services we offer as a part of your dental implant treatment.


Dental implants are our focus at The Dental Implant Place. A dental implant is a small titanium rod that is placed in your bone, acting as a tooth root. It then acts additionally as a natural anchor for a denture, crown, or bridge to be placed on top. We offer every type and size of dental implant in our Fort Worth office, including mini implants & small diameter implants. Why? Because we strongly feel that you should get the type of implant that is right for your bone. You might be better off with traditionally-sized dental implants, or your specific oral structure might benefit more from mini implants. Offering every implant is part of our practice’s minimally invasive approach to dental implant procedures. We not only eliminate unnecessary invasive surgery by finding the implant that’s right for you, but we also don’t use costly and invasive surgical procedures like drilling and flaps. This lessens pain during treatment and allows for a faster recovery time after your implants are placed.


We offer only implant supported dentures at The Dental Implant Place, because we want your new teeth to work like natural teeth. Traditional dentures require adhesives in order to stay in your mouth. This can cause slippage while you are trying to eat and even speak. With dental implants acting as anchors for your dentures though, they can function like – and provide all of the same benefits as – your natural teeth. The implants provide a firm and natural fit, while also stimulating your bone and gums like natural tooth roots. This is important, as jaw bone and gum tissue tend to deteriorate without tooth roots. We are able to provide same day dentures at our practice thanks to the use of dental implants. The initial denture appliance serves as a sort of prototype for the permanent denture, each of which is designed in our in-house dental laboratory, and allows the patient to leave their procedure with a functioning full set of teeth.


Dental crowns are used for single tooth dental implants, while dental bridges are used to treat multiple missing teeth. While traditional crowns and bridges are anchored by your remaining natural teeth, The Dental Implant Place exclusively provides implant supported dental crowns bridges, which don’t put stress on your remaining natural teeth. Implants offer superior benefits in this way, since using your existing natural teeth to anchor a bridge or crown can make those teeth crooked or loose. Dental implants are stable, durable, incredibly strong, and immune to decay, making them a preferable anchor for dental bridges to natural teeth.

The Dental Implant Place will not only design and place your crowns and bridges, but we will also digitally design and mill them in our in-house lab. We will not outsource your smile to another lab where no one knows you or your needs, and we will make any necessary adjustments onsite so that you won’t have to wait several months to smile the way that you want to smile. We also mill your dental crowns and bridges out of zirconia, the hardest material available in dentistry for making white, realistic, and natural-feeling artificial teeth.


If you are suffering from infected or severely damaged teeth, we can help. Our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, not only offers tooth extractions in our Fort Worth office, but he can even perform extractions and place dental implants in the same day. He can even perform other supplemental dental services that are sometimes necessary in a dental implant procedure, such as sinus lifts and bone grafts. Be sure to ask Dr. Brown during your free consultation whether or not you are a candidate for same day extractions and implants, and whether or not you may need bone grafts.


We offer two sedation options at The Dental Implant Place. The first is oral conscious sedation, which we offer at no extra cost of dental implants. With oral conscious sedation, you take a pill that relaxes you and makes you sleepy, but also leaves you aware enough to respond to questions. For those who prefer to be asleep during their procedure, we offer IV sedation so that you can comfortable in our office for in every step of your treatment.

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