tooth implants, tooth implant, dental implant, dental implantsDental implants are what we at The Dental Implant Place are all about. A dental implant replaces a tooth. It acts as a tooth root, performing the utility of a natural tooth while recreating its anatomy. Implants allow for crowns, bridges, and dentures to be placed on top of them. When crowns or bridges are placed onto implants, they are cemented into place. When a denture is placed onto dental implants, it is snapped into place so that it can be taken in and out of your mouth at your volition. The benefits of the procedure are as follows:
  • Tooth-Saving Your remaining teeth are left untouched. Implants don’t sacrifice the quality of adjacent teeth like a traditional bridge. Neighboring teeth are not altered to support the implants, which is a significant long-term benefit to your oral health.
  • Reliable The success rate of dental implants is high and is highly predictable when based on bone quality.
  • Beauty The Dental Implant Place has the skill, experience, and advanced technology that’s needed to restore the beauty of your smile. In our Ft Worth office, your smile will look fantastic.
  • Long-Lasting >A dental implant can last indefinitely with proper home care. Be sure to ask Dr. Brown for specific instructions when it comes to the care and maintenance of your implants, as each case is customized and special.
  • Confidence-Boosting Say goodbye to worries about misplaced dentures and messy pastes and glues. Whether they are being used to retain crowns, bridges, or even dentures, implants allow you to once again speak and eat with comfort and confidence.
  • Healthy Teeth implants integrate into the structure of your bone and prevent the bone loss, gum recession, and advanced aging that often accompany bridgework and traditional dentures.


The simple answer to this question would be to maintain the shape of our face, to have a great smile, or to improve one’s self-esteem.The more in-depth answer is that a missing tooth or teeth can actually affect your overall health and the health of your mouth. One or more missing teeth will affect the way the rest of your teeth fit together. Teeth adjacent to missing teeth may shift or tilt into the vacant area. Teeth opposite a missing tooth loosen opposing contact and may drift into that location. Remaining teeth can also become loose, start gum problems, and/or cause headaches due to the change in bite forces.A gradual decline in the bone will also occur over time when a tooth is lost. The bone that used to support that tooth starts to resorb and will deteriorate without something in the place of the tooth to stimulate bone growth. This makes tooth replacement essential to the continued health and appearance of your mouth.


In short, almost certainly! Nearly anyone can benefit from them. In fact, we offer small diameter dental implants at our Fort Worth practice because they make it possible for individuals to enjoy the benefits of teeth implants when they might otherwise not be able to. Small diameter implants are less invasive than traditional implants. They require less bone and gum tissue for surgery, which allows for faster healing time and makes you more likely to qualify for them. They are also less expensive than traditional implants, since they are composed of fewer materials and parts. Small diameter implants can be ideal when you’re:
  • Missing a tooth or multiple teeth
  • Have damaged or decayed teeth that need to be removed
  • Interested in dentures or bridges
The choice is clear. If you’re wondering whether you’re a candidate for teeth implants, don’t worry. Thanks to the revolution of small diameter implants, virtually anyone can benefit from this treatment. For more information on small diameter implants, check out this article from Dentistry Today.


A dental implant requires a surgical procedure for placement into bone. The placement procedure for a traditional dental implant is a multi-step process that involves multiple invasive procedures, including bone grafting in many cases. To place small diameter teeth implants, only a small pilot hole is necessary. The difference is quite substantial – the procedure is quicker, easier, less invasive, allows for quicker recovery, and in most instances, immediate loading of the dental restoration. In some cases, patients can have teeth implants placed and leave with a dental prosthetic – be it a crown, bridge, or denture – on the same day!To place a small diameter dental implant, Dr. Steve Brown makes a small pilot hole into the gum and bone tissue. The implant, less then 3 mm in diameter, is then inserted into the pilot hole so that it can be anchored to the underlying jawbone. Because the implants are so small, prosthetics can often be immediately placed atop the implant. With traditional implants, osseointegration must first take place – a process that can last up to six months – before the permanent prosthetics can be used to restore the implant.


Receiving implants can be life-changing. If you’ve lived with missing teeth or severely decayed teeth for years, implants can give you a new lease on life. Many patients come to accept the condition of their oral health as normal, not realizing what they’re missing out on. Having healthy, functional, beautiful teeth can have a huge impact on a person’s quality of life however. Patients who have a dental implant placed at our Fort Worth practice smile more, feel better about themselves, are more social, and are able to enjoy all of their favorite foods, knowing that their teeth will be their when they need them. If you suffer from poor oral health, don’t settle! Renew your smile, and kick start your life, with dental implants.


We encourage you to contact the Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth today to arrange a consultation. Our team provides respectful, honest treatment and will give you the information you need to make an educated decision. With nearly a decade of experience placing and restoring teeth implants, Dr. Brown is the person you want to help restore your oral health.
For more information on dental implants, you can read this ADA sponsored article about them at mouthhealthy.org.

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