For people considering dental implants, two questions often loom:
  1. How much pain will there be?
  2. How long will it take for me to recover from my surgery?
While there is no universal answer to these questions, we can tell you what is typical. Firstly, everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to dental implant surgery. Secondly, you should know is that, at The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, we utilize a unique and proven method for lessening your pain and reducing your healing time. It’s called the Minimally Invasive Implant Approach.


The Minimally Invasive Approach is one that our dentist and founder, Dr. Steve Brown, has used successfully over the course of his exceptional career in implant dentistry. Having trained under some of the most prominent implant dentists in the world and having himself placed over 8,000 dental implants, Dr. Brown has developed a professional philosophy that can be summed up in one short sentence: choose the dental implant that fits each patient’s bone, rather than force the patient’s bone to accommodate the implants.This may sound like common sense, but the reality is that many dentists and oral surgeons only place traditionally-sized dental implants (ranging from 4 mm- 6.5 mm in diameter). While this type of dental implant can provide the appropriate fit for some, many do not have enough bone for traditional implants. This is especially the case for seniors and for those suffering from bone loss. Having an over-sized dental implant can require larger incisions & unnecessary flapping & bone grafting. This is why, at The Dental Implant Place, we offer dental implants of every size, including small diameter implants (which can range to up to 2.9 mm in diameter).


The two key features of the minimally invasive approach are as follows: you will get the type of dental implants that are right for your bone, and each implant will be placed with as little an opening and applied force as possible, Dr. Brown uses small incisions (or no incisions at all) to prepare your gums for each implant. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how this looks:
  1. First, Dr. Brown will get a CT Scan of your mouth, which will give him a 360 degree view of your bone structure and density.
  2. Next, based on this information, Dr. Brown will strategically plan out precisely where and at what angles your implants will be placed, as well as the exact size and type of each implant that will be best for your bone structure.
  3. Then after applying local anesthetic; Dr. Brown will place each dental implant by making a tiny pinhole in the gum; each implant will then be gently rotated into place, minimizing bleeding and soreness and allowing the bone to bond quickly to the implant.


Many patients who need dental implants in the first place are patients suffering from bone deterioration, which is a common side effect of having missing or infected teeth. Because so many people who need dental implants have been told that they have sub-optimal bone density, and that the only way they could qualify for implants is with the help of costly and time consuming oral surgery procedures, such as bone grafts and sinus lifts. However, the minimally invasive approach has helped many of our patients at The Dental Implant Place avoid these procedures. Our patients commonly tell us during their free initial consultation that they have consulted with other dentists and oral surgeons who have recommended thousands of additional dollars in oral surgery before getting dental implants, only to discover (after Dr. Brown sees their CT scan) that these procedures are not needed with the minimally invasive approach!


Everyone’s mouth is unique, and everybody deserves to have their mouth treated for their specific oral health needs. Nobody understands this more than Dr. Steve Brown, who places every size and type of dental implant, and has over two decades of experience in service to the Fort Worth community. Contact The Dental Implant Place now to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Brown and take the first step towards restoring your quality of life. With Dr. Brown’s minimally invasive approach, qualifying for dental implants and healing quickly from your surgery may be far more possible than you think.

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