New Teeth in One Day

implants extractions in one visitImagine yourself with a completely new set of teeth, one that would allow you to smile with confidence, laugh and speak freely, and eat the foods you would like to eat. Now imagine that you could get this new set of teeth in one day. This may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. One day is all we need at The Dental Implant Place to give you a completely new smile with dental implants.

Never Leave Your Treatment Toothless

implants in one dayWhen you choose The Dental Implant Place, you will never leave your surgical appointment without teeth. We guarantee as part of your treatment plan that you will get new teeth to wear post-operation – no exceptions. Thanks to our in-house dental lab, we’re able to make you custom-designed teeth to wear the same day that you get your dental implants one day. You will wear these teeth over your dental implants while your mouth heals and adjusts to them. Then, once healing has completed, we will use your feedback to custom-make you a final set of teeth for maximum fit, function, and beauty.

What If I Need Extractions?

immediate load implants extractionsOur dentist and founder, Dr. Steve Brown, is an extraordinarily experienced implant dentist and is able to perform tooth extractions and implant placement in one day. This level of skill is very rare, yet it’s a common procedure in our Ft Worth office! Dr. Brown has placed over 8,000 dental implants of all types and sizes and has focused his practice completely on implant dentistry since 2007.It should be noted that some patients do not have the bone and/or gum health for same day extractions and dental implants and may need a healing period between extractions and implants. However, even if this is you, you will still leave our Ft Worth office with a temporary set of teeth after your procedure, since we provide full arch dentures to those who require this healing period. Be sure to ask Dr. Brown during your free consultation if same day tooth extractions and dental implants are possible for you.

Don’t Wait. Get Your Smile Back.

Our results speak for themselves. The Dental Implant Place provides the level of experience, technology, and care you need to reclaim your ability to chew well and smile confidently in one day. Call us now or fill our the form below to schedule your free consultation and take the next step towards your new smile.

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