At The Dental Implant Place, we appreciate and value your feedback. Watch and read the stories of some of our patients who claim that their dental implant procedures have changed their lives for the better.






“Dr. Brown, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and each member of your staff. I was not fortunate to have proper dental care as a child, so by the time I was old enough to understand the importance of good dental hygiene, I had lost many teeth and partials were necessary on the top and bottom.

In addition, certain favorite foods like carrot sticks, celery, and my favorite, corn on the cob, were impossible to enjoy with all the movement of the partials. Even though no one ever said anything, I always felt like the first thing people saw when I talked or smiled were the silver hooks at my gum line. No matter how I cleaned the partials at nighttime, I always felt like my breath was unpleasant. Many times, food particles would get trapped underneath the partials and caused painful irritation spots.

I set up an appointment and what followed were beautiful results from your skilled hands and wonderful staff. I knew from the first visit that this was the place for me. I will always be so grateful to all of you for your kindness, patience, friendship, and especially my beautiful teeth.”

– Jeanie Goff

“All my life my teeth were very unhealthy – fillings, root canals, crowns – I did not like my teeth. I always felt so insecure and never smiled. My front teeth were broken, chipped and rotting piece by piece.

I came in for a consultation with Dr. Brown, and he told me he could make me a beautiful smile. I had my doubts, but his skill, knowledge, and great talent has given me the most beautiful smile. It gave me self-esteem and such confidence in myself. I will always be so grateful to him and his staff.”

– Sue Sims

“I could not imagine ruing healthy teeth with a bridge, so I was set on the implant. After being told by another dentist that my jaw was too small for an implant, I found Dr. Brown’s office. I was met with quickly, and was elated to be told that I was a candidate for the implant. The procedure was simple and relatively quick, and the recovery was surprisingly easy. I’ve had more pain with fillings. The staff at Dr. Brown’s office make you feel right at home and are second to none. My only complaint is that I don’t have any more implants need so I won’t be back as often! Excellent staff! Excellent Doctor! And I save $800 by coming to Dr. Brown’s office instead of my general dentist! I highly recommend going to Dr. Brown!”

– A. Gantt

“Dr. Brown and his staff are the most professional that I have had the blessing of meeting and putting my trust in. Every step of the process was another surprise, as everything was working right for me. Before, I had a denture and I hated the inconvenience of putting the glue in every day and cleaning it after every meal before applying more glue for the next meal. I hated the taste, texture and hassle of this. The implants are the best thing I’ve done for myself and it was absolutely worth every penny. Dr. Brown, you are the best.”

– Khaled Nadar

“During my procedure, I felt no pain. The day of my procedure, I felt no pain. The first week after, I felt no pain. The first month after, I felt no pain.

I have had no pain or complications of any kind. I would take the implant procedure over a root canal or crown every single time. I have had decay under multiple crowns. This has eliminated that problem. So far I could not be happier.”

– GD Lee

“Due to various problems, I had to have an upper denture. I struggle for 2 years with several poor fitting dentures.

I had been a patient of Dr. Brown years ago- decided to talk to him about my problems. After a consultation and scan, I decided on implants and bar to anchor my denture. The results have been amazing. Dr. Brown is great and his staff is exceptional. If you are having problems, a consultation with Dr. Brown may give you the answers and help you need.”

– Jean B.

“I have always had bad teeth and many bad experiences with dental care. I have had to be faithful with checkups and care but was always terrified. I had several loose teeth, but would not go to the dentists. Finally my husband dragged me into Dr. Brown’s office. Everyone was so kind and caring. I had all my upper teeth pulled and got implants. It was the most wonderful thing. My teeth are beautiful and so natural looking. Many of my friends can’t believe they aren’t mine. I love my teeth and implants and I have the utmost trust in Dr. Brown and his staff. The final results are wonderful.”

– Jane McGoodwin


“Steve has a gift…He’s my implant hero. He’s the finest instructor of implants I’ve ever had. Period.”

– Dr. James A. Fregia DDS, Laser Smile Center, Odessa TX

“The opportunity to work side-by-side with a guy like Steve Brown is an opportunity in and of itself. He’s got so much to offer. He’s a great and natural teacher, and he knows so much.”

– Dr. Atem Reed DDS, Atem Reed DDS, San Francisco CA

“Dr. Brown is an excellent instructor. He’s very patient…He checks where you are and is very encouraging. The implant course I attended was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I’ve had. I would recommend any dentist who wants to learn how to do implants to contact Dr. Brown.”

– Dr. Isaiah L. Harris Jr. DDS, St. Hope Foundation, Houston TX

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